Must-Have Disney Apps for Your New iPhone and iPad

It’s the New Year and you most likely have a new iPad or iPhone and have feverishly been downloading apps like they’re going out of style. Undoubtedly, you probably even have a few of Disney’s apps such as Where’s My Water? or Where’s My Perry?, but there is a lot more to discover so I’ve put a list together of the must-have Disney apps for your new iPhone and iPad.

From the cute and adorable Nemo’s Reef to the awesome and power-packed Avengers Initiative, this list of the top games from Disney Mobile is sure to keep you occupied until next holiday season. Enjoy!

Nemo’s Reef is one of the most adorable and lovable apps on the App Store. In this eco-friendly game, you join Nemo and his dad, Marlin, in their underwater adventure to build the most awesome and colorful reef for all your friends to live in. It even includes Dory, Gill, Bloat, Bubbles and a few more. With its colorful deep blue sea experience and its language expansion to French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish coming soon, you know this is going to be a big worldwide hit.

With more than 16 million players enjoying Gardens of Time, this hidden objects game is sure to be a hit and take up a good portion of your time. And while it doesn’t connect to your Facebook game, it’s a blast of an adventure where you must preserve ancient artifacts through your travels to exotic locations. There are more than 100 hidden object scenes in over 20 tantalizing locations such as the Egyptian Pyramids.

If you haven’t experienced Temple Run, then you have to check out Disney’s take on it with Temple Run: Brave. At the time of this post, there was a 30 percent sale on packs of coins too. This app takes all the awesome mechanics of Imangi’s original app and then adds in a new archery feature to really get the full “Brave” experience. The new version also allows you to play as King Fergus, Merida’s father and the protector of the kingdom as well has includes more achievements and a very handy second shot power-up.

First off, if you haven’t seen “Wreck-it Ralph” the movie, you should because it’s so good. Secondly, you also need to check out Wreck-it Ralph the game since it’s sweet too. Including four different arcade games all based on the film, you can now play Fix-it Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty, Sweet Climber and Turbo Time. If you like showing off your scores, you’re in luck as you can compete against your friends – and the world – with the game’s scoring system.

Who doesn’t love “Monsters, Inc.” the movie? More importantly, who wouldn’t love being a part of the most famous scare team of Mike and Sulley? With Monsters, Inc. Run you can run, jump and move your way through Monstropolis on your way to rescue Boo. You can play as a group of four, run through three worlds with 48 levels and collect and use up to 20 power-ups. It also includes and Endless mode for those hardcore gamers who like nothing more than to achieve a high score.

Last, but certainly not least, Avengers Initiative is one of the best must-have (Marvel and) Disney apps for your new iPhone and iPad. Fresh off an IGN People’s Choice Award win, this app is now free for a limited time as well as features a 30 percent off sale on in-app coins. Fight aboard the Hydracarrier against Taskmaster, go up against Hydra War Drones, Skrull and see what you’re made of. This app currently includes Captain America and Hulk costumes with hopefully more on the way.

What are your favorite Disney games? Share your must-have apps in the comments!

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